The Periodic Table of Brilliant Women & Girls

Rob (my husband) was chatting with our daughter (7) and realised her idea of famous women in history was limited to some British Queens. So he started compiling a wider range of inspirational figures to expand her sense of what women can achieve. When she was given a Periodic Table book as a birthday present, … Continue reading The Periodic Table of Brilliant Women & Girls


Over the past few days a crowd of images and words keep tumbling through my head. On election results day, last Friday, December 13, a lot of people were very highly emotional and the internet was alive with this intensity. In the middle of the night I dreamt a story about a caged bear. Several … Continue reading FAKE NEWS

Private Views

This is commentary on an installation artwork that I made for SVA Open Studios 2019. Called ‘Private View’ it was an opportunity for audiences to enjoy the view from my studio in private for up to ten minutes. Participation was charged at £1. I have calculated that collectively, artists invested over £160K in this event, at a high personal investment risk, but to the fairly secure benefit of local property owners.