Sarah Dixon - traveller

Based in Stroud, Gloucestershire, I was born in London and have lived in Cyprus, Abu Dhabi, Dubai and the Amazon. I’ve explored deserts, the urban jungle, the North West Frontier in Pakistan and a chilly British boarding school.

I am an artist that studied science (Biology at UCL), a business owner campaigning for carbon neutrality, a shamanic dreamer in a digital future.

In a word, I’ve travelled, and that means I can help you get there too. I can clarify and explain concepts, demystify jargon, and work at the individual and group level to help you or your organisation get from A to B – whatever your A might be and whatever you want your B to be.

My work is in the collective, and in linking people and concepts together in new ways, for a better, healthier, happier world. This is expressed in creative practice, digital consultancy and training, and supporting climate change adaptation.