Born in London, raised in Cyprus, the Middle East and British boarding school, I have a degree in Biology and an art practice in Stroud where I live with my small family.

I can help you design a communications strategy. I am creative and think new thoughts constantly, some of which may be useful for you to use in your own mind/life/work.

As you can see I have a lot of interests, and they are gathered here under one roof for your delectation.

I’m very Creative: I have an art practice, rooted in dream symbolism and performance, often social and collaborative.

I’m Digital: making websites since 1998 – I offer strategy and execution for digital communications projects. Plus training and coaching to improve your digital life.

I’m a Human: I care deeply about the living world that sustains us and am contributing to climate change adaptation and response projects. In the blog you can see more of the ideas that I work with.

Would you like us to work together? Hesitate not! I am looking forward to hearing about your digital woes, creative blockages or climate pain so we can see what I can offer to help you move forward.