Over the past few days a crowd of images and words keep tumbling through my head.

On election results day, last Friday, December 13, a lot of people were very highly emotional and the internet was alive with this intensity.

In the middle of the night I dreamt a story about a caged bear. Several other parable-like stories also appeared in my mind. Then I had this question:

Q: Why are you speaking in parable, fable and myth?

And the response was

A: Because fact, truth, reason, logic, debate and wit no longer have any traction.

I then wrote this:


What if the post-truth era disguises a hidden longing for our myth and storytelling?

What if the hidden wisdom of these times is the call to restoration?

Aren’t you feeling different today?

If you grieve, isnt that calling out to show you what you really truly long for?

If you rage, isn’t that telling you where your inviolable boundaries lie?

If you despair, isn’t that a longing to be cared for, held? And can your tears be a relief after all this hoping?

If you hope, isn’t that a heavenly faint song to keep you moving on?

If you are frightened, could this be your longing to reach out for a helping hand?

If you are aching with concern, might it be a call to step into your leadership and connection?

If confused, is that not telling you there is work to be done at the library, or over the dinner table?

If you are wishing others silenced, are you not aching for your story to be heard?

If you are indeed celebrating, what joy are you not winking out for all to see?

If you are at peace, whose voice can you hear calling to you in the stillness?

If we are longing for our lost mythology, let us gather and draw our stories in to each other again. If we are pining for our lost identity, let us reforge it again, away from the cold dehumanising gaze of the artificial eye.

If we are looking for fake news, lets make it really beautiful. Lets make it for real. Lets make it our own.

Your souls are longing for each other, and will rampage until fed.


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