The Inconscious

Saint Nicholas, patron saint of sailors and generous philanthropist

What is the inconscious?

We are used to talking about the Unconscious, as invented by Freud.

The idea there was that we had the conscious mind where we are rational, aware and can hear our own thoughts. And then there was this murky hidden ‘unconscious’ full of repressed lust and weird impulses.

The unconscious would direct a lot of our behaviour without our knowledge. It may be a scary place to investigate.

This is in many ways a useful way to look at the human being.

However, when I worked in the Amazon I discovered another way of being.

Small children can do this too.

The inconscious, is a full participatory member of your being. It is internal, in the body and if you learn its language there is nothing especially mysterious or hidden about it. At the same time, in my experience, it is an unending source of wonder and magic.

Your body speaks to you through your dreams. This is a skill, like learning to read or speak, we can also learn to listen to our dreams and hear our body speak. This is the inconscious – the consciousness on the inside.

The inconscious speaks to us in what we tend to know as intuition. Our culture tends to consider intuition as something nebulous, mysterious, unknown.

I invite you to consider, what if it was a reliable, highly intelligent and exceedingly perceptive aspect of yourself? What if its language was clear and compelling?

What is your inconscious trying to tell you, that you need to know?

Where can it take you?

If you would like to know more, I can point you to some ideas.

You might like to come to a Social Dreaming Group, which is a group exploration of this realm. I host it along with some psychotherapists (Note: it is not therapy) about four times a year in Stroud.

There are many other ways to develop your relationship with your inconscious. A dream journal, and creative playtime are two simple ways to get started.

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