Social Media – What’s The Point?

Social media have erupted in the past few years and it’s now hard to imagine life without Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or ‘LinkyDink’ as one of my clients has been known to call it.

And when we hear that over 2 billion people are active on Facebook every day, or all our friends, colleagues or family seem to be online, we feel a pressure to join in and pile on.

But without knowing what the point is of being there, it’s probably going to be a best a waste of time, and at worst, an uncomfortable or even unpleasant experience.

So ask yourself – what do I want from being on social media?

Is it to stay in touch with family, or faraway friends – to discover new ideas and products, to follow trends or to promote your own or your organisation’s work?

It is also helpful to think about why you want to avoid it – is it anxieties around privacy, or sharing the wrong things? Does the platform seem confusing to you, or pointless? Perhaps you haven’t really seen anything on there that makes sense to you, or you think people are using it for ill gain!

All of these may be valid reasons not to use social media.

I have helped 100’s of people get online and find the way that works for them. And I have sometimes simply given someone permission to not go online – which is all they needed to be free of thinking about it. (If you make an active decision not to use it, I then recommend to remove your profiles.)

So if you would like a chat about your social media agonies, book a call and let’s see whether there is any point for you to be on there.

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